Dual Enrollment students have the opportunity to earn credits at an incredibly reduced rate. Your first two classes that you take through Dual Enrollment are free to you through the One-Two-Free program. After that, you pay just $51.50 per credit

Cost Comparison - How much am I saving?

First 6 credits: Free! Possible cost for books, dependent per class

Credits 7+: $57.37 per credit. Most classes are 3 credits.

See the cost comparisons for one 3-credit class:

Dual Enrollment

3 credits: $172.11

City College

3 credits:  $818.14


3 credits: $1,118.55

To be considered a sophomore in college, you need 30 credits. See the cost comparisons for 1 year (30 credits):

Dual Enrollment

30 credits: *$1,376.88 (30 credits, minus the 2 free classes)

*This does not include book/class material cost

City College:

30 credits: *$4,480

*This does not include book/class material cost


30 credits: *$6,710 

*This does not include book/class material cost

What is One-Two-Free? 

one two free

The One-Two-Free program was enacted in August of 2018 by the MT Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE). The program offers the tuition of two dual enrollment courses, or up to six credits through MUS to all eligible students for FREE. This does not included textbooks and/or course fees. After students complete their first two courses, they are offered a reduced tuition rate of $57.37 per credit. There is also a hardship scholarship waiver that students can apply for additional dual enrollment tuition assistance. For further information, please visit the MUS Dual Enrollment website.

Hardship Scholarship Application 

Yellow money

The Dual Enrollment Hardship Scholarship is available for eligible students to apply for if they need assistance covering the cost of their dual enrollment classes after their first two free courses. If a student is determined eligible, they may enroll in additional dual enrollment courses free of tuition charge, students are still responsible for any course program fees and textbook costs. Students must reapply for the scholarship each academic year. If you have any questions on the scholarship application, please reach out to the Director of Dual Enrollment - Kaili Payne.