Select Campus Tuition Rates

Course Credit Resident Non-Resident Online Resident* Online Non-Resident*
3 1,032.35 2,674.55 958.35 1,673.70
6 1,809.40 5,093.80 1,725.90 3,156.60
9 2,782.90 7,709.50 2,582.65 4,728.70
12 3,520.45 10,089.25 3,320.20 6,181.60

Student Accounts: Tuition and Fees Tables

Average Cost of Attendance

*Includes an additional $30.00/credit hour charge for online courses - Max $360.00 

NOTE: Master of Health Administration students will also be assessed a program fee. This fee will be utilized to offset expenses for instructional and specific elements of the Professional Seminars, related supplies/equipment, etc., which enhance the quality of the MHA program. This MHA program fee of $800.00 per semester will be assessed each semester the student is enrolled.



Financial Aid

Graduate students who wish to apply for financial assistance must be enrolled for at least 6 graduate credits that apply to their program. Non-degree graduate students are not eligible for financial aid. To apply for financial aid, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) financial aid application. 

Apply for FASFA on the Web

The MSUB FASFA CODE is 002530



Types of Aid Available




Graduate Assistantships and Partial Tuition Waivers