Service Sting is the online portal to record your evidence of volunteer and service hours completed. Our goal is to recognize and celebrate the contribution that each volunteer makes through service in our community.Any member of the MSU Billings community is able to use Service Sting to record their volunteer hours, including students, staff, faculty and administration.

Why record your volunteer hours? Achieve goals. MSUB Center for Engagement & nonprofit community partners have annual goals for how many volunteer hours total to engage in. Show experience. You can create a data-backed volunteer presence to show your experience working with a specific program or area of interest. Apply. Students can use evidence of volunteer hours to apply for various scholarship opportunities & even on job applications if relevant.

Activities that may be recorded include:

  • Volunteer projects sponsored by MSUB (e.g. Service Saturday, Night on the Van, Food Drives, Blood Drives, Student United Way activities etc.)
  • Service projects connected to academic courses (e.g. ASC111 First Year Experience Seminar class etc.)
  • Any volunteer hours as part of a student organization or club (e.g. Accounting club, History club, et al.)
  • Any volunteer hours as part of a sports or athletics team
  • Any volunteer hours required for awards or grant scholarships
  • Any volunteer hours you commit outside of MSUB (being a mentor, serving on a board of directors, being a coach, volunteering at your church etc.)

Last year, our athletics students donated approx. 1800hrs of volunteer and service hours to the local community

How are Service Sting hours used?

Service Sting hours are used as a measure of the number of high-impact service projects taking place at MSU Billings. Internally, we use the data to inform decisions relating to student engagement while also building sustainable programs with non-profit community partners. Importantly, the data is also used externally by Montana Campus Compact (MTCC) and the Governors Office for Community Service to assess civic and community engagement of higher education institutions at the state and nation level.