Mission statement

The goal of Civic & Community Engagement is to promote meaningful and impactful partnerships for students, staff, and faculty within the wider Billings community. We aim to achieve this by developing initiatives that foster civic pride, stewardship, and sustainability. 

Community Engagement works closely with a diverse range of organizations. As a result, we can match you with an engagement opportunity that suits your needs and goals. Come and be part of the community-driven social change happening at Montana State University Billings. 

Without the support of our communities, no institution of higher education can thrive.


By engaging in the wider Billings community students, staff, and faculty may gain the following from their volunteer opportunities they participate in:

  1. Inclusiveness: form an ability to interact respectfully with others in a diverse community.
  2. Knowledge Application: take the knowledge from academic study/experiences and apply it to active and ethical participation in civic life.
  3. Network: Communicate with others to establish personal and professional relationships, to advance civic action.
  4. Civic Identity and Commitment: provide evidence of experience in and reflection on civic engagement activities.
  5. Civic Action and Reflection: demonstrate the ability to consider and collaborate on issues, to achieve a specific civic aim.