Student Resolution

If you have problems with your grades, professors, or a school problem in general, come and visit with the Student Resolution Officer or send an email to This SRO is based in the ASMSUB Office, Room 213 of the SUB, or call 657-2365 to make an appointment.

Legal Services

Student Legal Services are on moratorium until further notice. If you are in need of legal services, you can access the resources listed below. Questions can be addressed to the Associated Students of Montana State University Billings Executive Committee or the Vice Chancellor for Student Access and Success. Please stop by the ASMSUB office, Room 213 in the Student Union Building, or call 657-2365.

Child Care Scholarships

Scholarships may be available to a limited number of ASMSU Billings students who meet the requirements. These scholarships are allocated in the fall and spring.

Get Child Care Scholarship Application

Students helping Service Saturday

ASMSUB Future Leader Scholarship

Each year ASMSUB selects one main campus student and one City College student to be the recipient of the ASMSUB Future Leaders Scholarship. The scholarship is funded through volunteer hours that ASMSUB has sponsored by the campus community (administration, faculty, staff and alumni).

 Undergraduate/Graduate Research Fund

ASMSUB has an undergrad/grad research fund that students can utilize each year. However, this fund only has roughly $4,000 available each year.

If there is no more money available through the undergraduate/graduate research budget, then graduate students may obtain funding through a contingency request.

  1. Grad students can be eligible for contingency funding ONLY if they are not receiving credit for the project they wish to present. If they are receiving credit, it would be considered educational in nature; contingency funds are not allocated for educational purposes; they are for activities.
  2. Grad students must raise money to cover 30% of the costs...(can only ask for up to 70% of total costs)

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board provides campus programming and activities for the student body. These programs are available to all campus students and funded by ASMSU Billings. The SAB plans and organizes movies, lectures, socials, dances, concerts, and performing acts for the MSU Billings campus. SAB members are selected from an application process each fall. If you are interested in applying to be a SAB member, stop by the SAB office, Room 212 in the SUB.

Retort Newspaper (currently seeking staff members)

The Retort is funded by ASMSU Billings and provides a learning experience for the students involved as well as serving as an informational source for the ASMSU Billings campus. The Retort encourages students to become active in the paper.

Montana Associated Students

The Montana Associated Students (MAS) is the combined student governments of the eleven campuses of the Montana University System. Each campus is represented by one voting member (the student body president) and one non-voting, ex-office member. MAS advises the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education regarding matters that directly and indirectly affect Montana students. MAS also coordinates programs and activities of a common interest to the student associations of each of the individual campuses.