Executive Cabinet

  • PresidentASMSUB 2020-2021 EC
  • Vice President
  • Business Manager
  • Student Resolution Officer
  • Political Action Director

Student Senators

  • Senators
  • Senator - City College
  • Freshman Senator

Advisors and Staff

  • Administrative Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Advisor - City College
  • Attorney
  • Office Manager

The Executive Branch shall administer the affairs of ASMSU Billings and shall recommend legislation to the Senate. It shall establish councils, committees, boards, or bureaus to take action on any matter within the jurisdiction of ASMSU Billings that may not be covered by statute or ASMSU Billings Senate By-Laws. It shall enforce and put into effect all statutes duly passed by the Legislative Branch. The Executive Branch shall consist of but not be limited to the following:

Executive Cabinet Duties

  1. The ASMSU Billings President, who shall uphold and enforce the ASMSU Billings Constitution and its By-Laws. The President is not an officer of the Senate, but holds veto power according to the ASMSU Billings By-Laws.
  2. The ASMSU Billings Vice President, who shall preside over the Senate and who may vote on Senate business in the event of a tie. The Vice President shall assume the President’s duties in his/her absence, if said absence impairs the functioning ability of ASMSU Billings. The Vice President be Chairperson of the Publications Board.
  3. The ASMSU Billings Business Manager
  4. The ASMSU Billings Student Resolution Officer
  5. The ASMSU Billings Political Action Director shall oversee all ASMSU Billings elections.

Executive councils, boards, and bureaus appointed by and responsible to the Executive Cabinet.

Legislative Branch Duties

The Legislative Branch shall consist of the Senate, in which only ASMSU Billings Senators, or the presiding officer, may vote.

The Senate membership shall be composed of:

  • Representatives from the freshman class
  • A representative from the graduate class
  • Representatives from City College
  • Representatives from the student body at large

The legislative and budgetary power of ASMSU Billings shall be vested in the ASMSU Billings Senate. The function of the ASMSU Billings Senate shall be:

  • To conduct hearings for and approve the annual ASMSU Billings budget.

  • To adopt by-laws for ASMSU Billings and make revisions to them.

  • To take whatever action it deems necessary to fulfill its obligations to students, faculty, and/or administration.

  • To investigate, adopt resolutions and to perform all normal legislative and budgetary functions on matters within the jurisdiction of ASMSU Billings.

  • Strive to ensure that student fees are being spent in a manner consistent with student needs or desires.

  • The Senate shall have the power to override the ASMSU Billings President’s veto with two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast at the next regularly scheduled meeting of Senate during the academic year.