TRIO Student Support Services serves 230 students at MSUB and 140 students at City College annually in our respective programs. Students come from diverse backgrounds and join together to achieve, grow, and succeed here. Read about some of our students' experiences achieving success below.

Candace Corwin

Starting college as a non-traditional student was nerve-wracking. I was uncertain of what it would take to succeed in college. However, TRIO has offered me more support than I ever expected. I know that no matter what my need is, TRIO either has a resource to help or can point me in the right direction. It is assuring to know that I always have someone to reach out to for support. 

Candace Corwin, 2021 Cohort - Political Science, MSUB
Savanah Robinson

Going into college can be a big transition. I was very confused with where to start. Since I didn't have anyone else to help me or give me advice about college, TRIO was most definitely there! They can help with finding where classes are, getting tutors, filling out FAFSA, and even with stuff outside of school, such as how to apply for credit cards and resumes. The staff at TRIO always makes you feel at home and checks up on you often. That shows that they truly care about you and your education.

Savanah Robinson, 2021 Cohort - Business Administration, City College

Ashley Clark standing with Buzz (mascot)

At the beginning of my freshman year, I had no idea what to expect while at MSUB. Now entering my senior year, I can happily say these have been some of the best years of my life. I have experienced several ups and downs throughout the years, but with the help of TRIO, I came out above and beyond. Whether it be emotional support or academic support, TRIO staff like David Airne were always there for me and showed me exactly how successful I can be. No matter how big or small, whether it was a water bottle or help on a term paper, the help from TRIO made my years at MSUB easier, less stressful, and more successful than I ever imagined possible. 

Ashley Clark, 2018 Cohort - History, MSUB 
Emma Dixon

For me, TRIO is more than a student service, it’s more like a community that I know I can rely on. TRIO has helped me with financial aid, enrolling in classes, my mental health, and furthering my education overall. The friends I have made in TRIO are lifelong, and it's where the laughs and snacks are unforgettable.

Emma Dixon, 2021 Cohort - Radiologic Technology, City College

Rainna Floyd

Being a first-generation student, I had no idea what TRIO was, but I think that many people struggle to understand what it is until they are in TRIO. The environment is always so happy. If you're in a bad mood, you make some of your closest friends at TRIO to talk to. Whether it’s the staff or the students, the TRIO family has always been there for me to open up to. They also have so many services that college students don’t think about in life that the group has offered me--food when I miss out on lunch, braiding my hair when I have a bad hair day, to helping me fill out scholarships and apply for the Nursing program. It is hard to explain what TRIO is. It’s a different story for every student, but to me, it’s a small community that has helped me succeed in college, form new friendships, and create a family at college.

Rainna Floyd, 2021 Cohort - Nursing, City College

Daytona Smith

My story is that not only has TRIO helped me with FAFSA and class registration, but the people in that office have also become like my family. I know that I can go in there and talk about anything without any judgement. The friends I have made there are lifelong. And I will forever remember my time in TRIO.

Daytona Smith, 2021 Cohort - Business Administration, City College  

Mariah Fogle

In high school I wasn’t quite sure about where I wanted to go to college, I didn’t really know much about college organizations, and I didn’t really want to think about it until after graduation. I was talking to my mom, and I tended to overthink a lot more in school and all I could think of was the worst possibilities in college. But when taking a tour with my mom she handed me a pamphlet for TRIO, and told me about how my brother was also a part of it at his campus. I kind of thought, at first, that I wouldn’t be able to do it because my brother was in it, so I left it alone. I thought when they said that first generation was one of the requirements, I thought it was the only requirement, but it was then explained better to me at orientation. When we arrived for orientation, Katlyn came up to the table where my mom and I were sitting and told me about TRIO and that I could still be a part of it. I talked with my mom, and she said it would really help me out in college and I was really interested in it so, I filled out the sheet and ended up becoming a part of TRIO. I came in the summer for check-ins and really enjoyed talking with Katlyn and Megan about what my goals were. TRIO is my safe and comfortable place where there are people who like to help solve problems and help ask questions. I don’t think I would be the same person if I didn’t join TRIO at orientation.

Mariah Fogle, 2021 Cohort - Radiological Technology, City College  

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Having someone who has your back throughout the semester and checking in is wonderful. Keeps you accountable and just feels good.

Kendra Vanderheiden, 2020 Cohort - Diesel Technology, City College