Student Support Services TRIO at City College provides holistic and student-centered services, resources and educational opportunities that support and improve graduation for eligible students.


The mission of SSS TRIO is to support program eligible students to obtain an undergraduate degree. Our goals are:

  • To increase student persistence and graduation rates;
  • To provide services, resources, and educational opportunities that support successful academic completion, personal and emotional growth, and financial literacy;
  • To engage students in active learning and self-advocacy;
  • To promote the development of skills necessary for life after college.

Advocacy – We work towards the removal of barriers inhibiting academic completion.

Collaboration – We cooperate with and willingly assist faculty, staff, students, and community agencies to foster student success.

Inclusiveness – We model acceptance and respect for all.

Individual Growth – We empower SSS TRIO students to learn independence and self-advocacy.

Respect – We expect behavior that creates a professional environment where staff and students exhibit courtesy, respond calmly, honor boundaries, listen, and recognize others’ right to privacy.

Read our ethics policy here.

Acceptance & Respect

Acceptance and Respect are core values of Student Support Services TRIO.

SSS TRIO strives to provide thoughtful and holistic services to our students and our goal is to be inclusive to all students regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, culture and creed.