Germany is a country made up of vast forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. From the Alps in the south to the beaches in the north, Germany has a plethora of stunning scenery. With a long history spanning more than two millennia, Germany's rich heritage and culture and its beautiful landscapes offer an unforgettable cultural experience for any student. Germany is also a prime destination for students interested in learning about international business and industry. Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is a key player within Europe and around the world for industrial development and economic stability. It is home to some of the most prominent multinational corporations, such as BMW Group, Mercedes, Siemens, Volkswagen, Allianz SE, Adidas, Porsche,Deutsche Bahn, Boche Group, and many more.

Each Germany university exchange allows MSUB students to study their coursework in English and take an additional German language and culture class.



Nuertingen-Geislingen University (HfWU)

Exchange Programs - Short-term Summer Programs
NGU offers academic education to more than 5,000 students. NGU is primely suited for MSUB Business students, who can study business and economics coursework in English. Upper-level business students also have the option of taking MBA courses at NGU that can transfer back to MSUB. If you wish to pursue an MBA degree, you may be able to get started on coursework earlier while at NGU. The MBA coursework would meet both a MSUB business undergraduate degree requirements and MBA course requirements at NGU that has the transferability potential to other MBA programs.

NGU also offers several short-term summer business programs, which give students an opportunity to visit local multinational corporations, such as BMW and Porsche.



Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE)

Exchange Programs
LUE is engaged in fundamental research on education, teaching and learning in all different age groups, the science of teaching, and research on school development. LUE is most suitable and popular for MSUB students studying education, history, literature/creative writing, and humanities. The university offers a variety of English-taught courses in these fields. Advanced education students also have the possibility of doing student teaching for practical experience in German schools.


HAUAS LogoAschaffenburg

University of Applied Sciences, Aschaffenburg (UAS-Aschaffenburg)

Exchange Programs - Intensive Language Study - Short-term Summer Programs

Founded in 1994, UAS-Aschaffenburg is one of Germany's leading young universities with a similar atmosphere, support, and size to MSUB. UAS offers English-taught courses in business, law, and engineering. Thus, UAS is most suited for MSUB students studying in those disciplines. Some advanced MSUB students may have the option of participating in master level courses in UAS' Master of International Management, which delves into cross-border trade and investment, international/European law, and international competences and communication skills.

UAS also offers a one-month intensive German language course during the summer.


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