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Current Members

Executive Board:

Chairperson- Meaghan Reed

Meaghan Reed-Chair


   HI! My name is Meaghan Reed and I am your guys' Student Activities Board Chair. I come        from Columbus, Montana an hour away. I have 3 siblings and live on a sheep farm. By living so close to Billings, I was able to experience the
Billings community before actually attending MSUB. This is what inspired me to join SAB; so I could bring my own ideas and a sense of unity to the MSUB community. When I heard the SAB chair position was open, I knew that was what I wanted. I wanted to be a voice and a leader for the MSUB community. I am excited to be able to bring both free AND fun events to the students here alongside my incredible team members.






Vice Chair- Ashtyn Ator

Ashtyn Ator-Vice Chair


Hello everyone! My name is Ashtyn Ator and I am the Vice Chairof SAB. I am from a small town in Northeast Montana called Medicine Lake. I was raised with my four sisters that all start with 'A,' so if you get my name wrong, there is a 90% chance I will still respond. I enjoy reading and hanging out with friends and family. I am a
junior in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation program through MSUBillings. I joined SAB at the end of my freshman year in order to get more involved on campus, was the Secretary last year, and decided to apply to be the Vice Chair. I love my job as an executive board member. I have gotten the opportunity to work with many amazing people and I have learned so many awesome, new skills. I encourage everyone to take the chance and join SAB, it is well worth it!




Secretary/Treasurer- Allison Wipf

Allison Wipf-Secretary/Treasurer


Hi, my name is Allison Wipf! I am the Student Activities Board Secretary and Treasurer for this 2022/23 year. I am from Bridger, Montana and I have one younger sister. I am currently a sophomore here at MSU-Billings and I am majoring in Psychology. I joined SAB in my freshman year to be a part of the campus community. It was a great way to feel connected to the student body and helped me to make instant friends. I am beyond excited to be an executive member of the Student Activities Board this year and hope to see many new faces at our events and in our office!!






Marketing Executive- Mariah Fogle

Mariah Fogle-Marketing




Hello! My name is Mariah Fogle and I am the Marketing Executive for Student Activities Board. I was raised and grew up in Lewistown, Montana. I have two dogs and enjoy going to bookstores and coffee shops with friends. I am a sophomore n college and going for a degree in radiology technology. I joined SAB at the beginning of my freshman year and really enjoyed being a part of the group. SAB has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends too! I encourage people to join because it is an amazing way to get involved with events on campus.







Kathy Kotecki, Dean of Students