ScholarWorks is an online repository that provides a permanent record of your project that you can share with future employers, graduate schools, family members, etc. The 2020 Conference was the first time we used ScholarWorks, and the link to it and those for MSU and UM are below:

Some examples that might be of use to you:

To have your project uploaded to ScholarWorks, you will need to provide a media representation of your project (poster, video, PowerPoint, etc.). Without this media representation, you will be unable to post your work to ScholarWorks.

ScholarWorks is a resource that is available to all student and faculty researchers at MSUB. If you have a past project that you would like to submit to ScholarWorks, please contact for more information.


Media File Submission Guidelines:

  • Files should be smaller than 512 MB.
    • If you are unable to get your file that small, please contact us at We will work with you to make sure your work gets posted.
  • Poster guidelines can be found here.
  • Art submissions: Guidelines coming soon, but should include:
    • Artist Statement
    • Picture of the art (in the gallery, where it has been installed, etc.--whatever is appropriate for your work)
  • We also accept:
    • video submissions
    • recordings
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • theses
    • poetry collections
    • It is likely that we will accept any form of media file, but please contact us if you are unsure.

Intellectual Property

ScholarWorks is an open access repository. If you are a faculty member with intellectual property concerns (e.g. the student submitting an application works in your lab and their research is part of your greater research project, some of which may be patentable) about this work being posted to ScholarWorks, please contact