Instructions for Students

Student Web Login Page

Web options will be available from 7 AM to Midnight daily, except on Thursdays when Web options close at 5 PM.  Each 3rd Saturday of the month the system is down for preventative maintenance.

Web Registration will automatically log you out after 15 minutes of non-activity.   You have 5 tries to login correctly.  If unsuccessful, your PIN will be disabled.  You must contact the Admissions and Records Office to re-activate your PIN.  Please change your PIN when you first login to protect your records.

1.  University Home Page

  • Click on myInfo (top gray bar, right side) on MSUB Home Page
  • Click Login to Secure Area
  • Enter your Social Security Number in the User ID box
  • Enter your PIN - 6 digit number (Your birth date or your own 6 digit number).
  • Press Login button
  • Verify login by re-entering your PIN in box
  • Press Login

2. Main Menu

  • Select StudentSERVICES to register for classes, display class schedule, grades and transcripts.
  • Select Personal Informationto view address and phone information and to change your PIN
  • To return to previous menu, click menu button at upper right corner of screen
  • To Exit at any time, click exit button at upper right corner of screen

3.  Student Main Menu

  • Select TERM and click on DISPLAY GRADES
  • To print, click on the printer Icon in browser menu bar
  • Click on Menu button, upper right corner, to return to Student Records menu.


  • Press EXIT button at the upper right corner.

To protect your privacy, please close your browser when finished.


Questions? Send e-mail to: Registrar