MSU Billings Faculty Web - Grading Instructions

Web options are available 24 hours except Thursday mornings between 5:00 and 7:00 AM and the 3rd Saturday of the month for preventative maintenance.

Faculty Web Login Page

1. Login to MyInfo

  • MyInfo Login
  • Log into MyInfo (NetID)
  • Enter User name (NetID) and password
  • Login (If you have trouble logging in please refer to the Self-Service Password Reset Portal page.

2. Grade Course(s)

  • Faculty Services Tab
  • Final Grades
  • Select Term/Submit
  • Select Course/ Submit
  • Click the grade dropdown box next to each student to select grade (see important grading notes below).
  • Click Submit to save grades - submit often to save your grades!
  • Students are grouped by 25. Click on the numbered record sets to advance through all students. Make sure all students are graded.

3. Print Grade Sheet(s) - If you want them for your records, or your department needs them.

     NOTE: Beginning Spring 2020, it is no longer necessary to submit signed grade sheets to the Registrar's Office

  • Click "Summary Class" List at the bottom of the screen.
  • Print using your browser's print option ( usually File>Print).
  • Sign your grade sheet(s).
  • To advance to the next CRN for grading, click on "CRN Selection" located at the bottom of the page and repeat above Grade Course steps.
  • Click EXIT  in the upper right corner to securely close your session.

 Please Note:

  • Pass/No Pass courses and registrations will convert letter grades to appropriate Pass/No Pass grade. Select the appropriate letter grade.
  • When assigning F grades, please enter the Date Last Attended. See Last Attend Date instructions for more info.
  •  If you have assigned Incomplete (I) grades, you will receive an additional confirmation message displaying the extension date.  Students have one year to complete an incomplete. Click Submit to finalize grades. See Incomplete Grade Instructions for more info.
  • Please make sure all students are graded. We will not have back-up paper grade sheets to re-enter missing information if all students have not been graded and submitted.


Questions? Send e-mail to: Registrar