The MSU Billings Library is committed to providing equal access to collections, services, and spaces. We are here to help! Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

Disability Support Services can provide campus-level resources and academic support.


Building Access


Permit holders can park in ADA parking spots east of the Library Building. These are accessible from the parking lots on the north edge of campus off Rimrock Road. Please see the campus map.

Getting in

The Library has two ADA-compliant exterior entries with push-button door openers.

A set of doors set into a glass wall. A silver book return bin stands in front.


Facing the Rims. Enters the 2nd floor.

A set of doors set into a glass wall under a balcony. A silver book return bin stands in front.


Facing the Science Building. Enters the 1st floor.

Getting around

The public elevator near the Library entrance accesses all 3 floors. No spaces are accessible only by stairs.

Several lifts compensate for half-flights of stairs in the outside lobby. Instructions are posted at each control panel.

A lift inside a lobby, going up to a door marked "Library."

Library Entrance

Lobby, 2nd floor

A lift in a lobby, bypassing a half-flight of stairs to get to a door marked "Lecture Hall."

231 Lecture Hall

Lobby, 2nd floor

A lift in a lobby, bypassing a half-flight of stairs to get to a door marked "Lecture Hall."

152 Lecture Hall

Lobby, 1st floor


ADA-compliant gendered restrooms are located on the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the Library. The 3rd floor restrooms are not ADA-compliant.

Single-stall, ADA-compliant, gender-neutral restrooms are available down the hall in the Liberal Arts Building, 1st floor. The Liberal Arts Building is normally closed on late nights and weekends.

Service animals

Service animals, as defined by the ADA, are welcome in library spaces. Other animals—including pets and emotional support animals—are not allowed.


Sensory Conditions


Library spaces are lit primarily by overhead, warm-temperature LED lights. Furniture in low-lit areas is equipped with lamps. Natural light is most abundant in the 1st floor computer lab.

Computers and desks in an open lab space, with light provided by floor-to-ceiling windows.

Natural lighting in the 1st floor computer lab.

Rows of tall bookshelves lit by overhead lighting that is strong, but not overpowered.

Overhead lighting in the 3rd floor bookstacks.



Study rooms are located throughout the Library, but mainly on the 3rd floor. Most rooms are available on a first-come/first-served basis, but others are reservable.

Additional low-stimulation study spots are located around the perimeter walls on the 2nd and 3rd floors.


Assistive Technology

  • Read&Write and JAWS on all computers
  • CCTV (video magnifier)
  • Computer with ZoomText magnification software and large-print keyboard
  • Large-format KIC scanner

For help with assistive technology, please contact Disability Support Services.



Most shelving on the 1st floor and 3rd floor is full-height. Some aisles are as narrow as 32 inches. The shelves at the center of the 1st floor are movable via buttons; instructions are posted at the shelf ends.

For help retrieving materials, please ask at the 2nd floor Ask Here Desk. To request items for pickup, place a hold through Power Search. You will receive an email when your items are available (typically within 48 hours).

Need something that is not in our collection? Request it through Interlibrary Loan!