A land of mountains with beautiful views, Macedonia is a hidden treasure located in the Balkan region of central Europe, just north of Greece. There you can find the oldest lake in Europe and the deepest underwater cave in the world. Macedonia hosts a rich history with monasteries, a 4,000-year-old space observatory and the first European university. Take this opportunity and explore all that Macedonia has to offer.


Tetovo & Skopje

South East European University (SEEU)

Exchange Programs 
SEEU specializes in socio-economic sciences and seeks excellence in teaching and research within the higher education system in the Republic of Macedonia. SEEU is a multi-lingual university with two campuses (Tetovo and Skopje) and offers a variety of courses in English. SEEU offers courses covering a variety of topics, including business and economics, contemporary sciences and technologies, languages, culture and communications, and law. 


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