As the best place to spot the Northern Lights and the land of forests and lakes, Finland is a spectacle. Finland has achieved many feats, including being ranked the world's greenest and most stable country, and it has been recognized as the world's second most transparent, gender-equal, and innovative country. Finland is renowned for its progressive social values and top-notch education system that is regularly studied by other countries as a benchmark of success. Although its rich history is often overlooked, Finland has an extensive history that has had major influences on the region. In traveling to Finland, you can breathe in the cleanest air and experience one of the happiest and highly-ranked countries in the world.

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Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK)

Exchange Programs 
SeAMK is an applied sciences university located in Seinäjoki, which is a small city about four hours north of Helsinki. Seinäjoki is in the region of South Ostrobothnia, which is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Finland. SeAMK offers a variety of course content for exchange students, the most popular of which for MSUB students tends to be its programs in international business, physiotherapy, nursing, and cultural management studies. Physiotherapy, in particular, is uniquely popular in that it allows Health and Human Performance students the opportunity to gain practical internship experience in sports medicine. has colleges of Food and Agriculture, Business and Culture, Healthcare, and Social Work.


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