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Hallym University is known as one of the best universities to attend in South Korea and has been named a “distinguished university” several times by the South Korean Administration. Hallym is located in Chuncheon City, which is about 50 minutes from Seoul by train and  has been ranked as one of the best cities to live in. The university has 8 colleges, 7 graduate programs, a variety of which are taught in English.
Students can also participate in Hallym's Intensive Korean Language program.

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Academic Year

Fall Semester: September - December

Spring Semester: March - June

Courses OfferedHallym University

Hallym University has several courses in English available to their students. Most courses taught in English are from Business / Management, International Studies, Communications and Korean Studies and Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. There are limited Media Studies classes and English Literature classes.

Korean language classes offered each semester for free to exchange students include 1) Basic Korean Language course (3 credits); 2) Intensive Beginning Korean (6 Credits) (For students with grasp of Korean already).

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Review the offered Korean language and culture courses:


Students have the option to live on campus at the student dormitory, which features four different dining halls available to students. All student dormitories include utilities (water, heat, electricity, internet). Room options can be shared or single and typically include communal bathroom facilities, kitchens and laundry. Some dormitories include en suite bathrooms. Some dormitories are women or men only and some have curfews. Hallym International Dorm (HID) currently has no curfew. Announcements in HID are made in several languages.
If you choose to apply for HID, you also have the possibility to apply to be a tutor to help financially support your exchange.

There is also the option to live in Global Village Apartments that are fully furnished for a higher price. Exchange students are highly discouraged from living off-campus. It is not possible to change your housing option once you arrive on campus, due to the fact that typically
all of the dorms are full each semester.

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Hallym UniversityCosts

MSUB students studying abroad at Hallym University pay MSUB tuition. Students pay room and board to Hallym directly upon arrival. The cost for student accommodation in the dormitories rages from $600-$1,300 per semester, depending on the chosen option. Hallym University estimates that additional costs per semester (food/books/transportation) can be about $1,300 per semester, depending on lifestyle, as well as an additional $1,000 for other, miscellaneous expenses.

Students who choose to reside in the Hallym International Dormitory (HID) are eligible to apply for the HID scholarship, which ranges from $250-$500, plus student dormitory fees are waived. Roughly 4 hours of tutoring per week is expected.


All students are required to have a visa if they are planning on studying in the country for longer than 3 months. There are options for single and multiple entry visas. Hallym International Students & Scholars Office will issue an admission certificate for visa process. Exchange students will need to apply for a D-2 visa in-person at the South Korean Consulate in Seattle, WA.

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Health Insurance

To ensure comprehensive and quality coverage, all study abroad students are required to enroll in insurance that is provided through the designated Montana University System insurance provider. Please consult with the Study Abroad Coordinator for further information. This insurance is affordable with a typical semester averaging about $250. Students are also obligated to pay roughly $35 per month to be enrolled in the Korean National Health Insurance - this is a requirement in addition to the university insurance provider.