Below is a list of companies that provide insurance for International students and scholars for the duration of their visit in the United States. If you purchase insurance through one of these companies, please bring proof of this by filling out the Health Insurance Waiver form and return it to the Office of International Studies.

Medical Insurance Companies

ISO Student Health insurance: Plans range from $59 to $287 per month (depending upon age)
Phone Number: +1.800.244.1180

ISI: They offer a variety of plans, ranging from $95 - $400 per semester ($28/month-$100/month)

CISI: They offer basic plans $80 - $400 per month (depending upon age)
Phone Number: +1.800.303.8120
International Student & Scholar plan

WorldTrips International Student Insurance Plans
Plans range from $95-$500/semester

GeoBlue Inbound International Travelers Insurance

International SOS: Provides insurance for evacuation only: Cost $54 for 6 months and $68 for one year
Phone Number: +1.800.523.8662

Wallach & Company Inc
Healthcare Global plan (minimum length of stay is 2 weeks. Maximum length of stay is 26 weeks or 6 months.
Would then have to purchase plan again)
Range from $61 - $91 per month