Finance Training

The Financial Services office offers Banner Finance training to faculty and staff.  We provide one-on-one, departmental group, and class training.  Group training is also offered as part of the Faculty and Staff Administration & Finance training.  Training includes introduction topics such as University indexes, funds and Banner Finance reports.  If you are a new Banner user, a training session is required before Finance access is granted.

Finance Training sessions available:

Budget and Finance 101:

This is a joint session with Budget and will cover the Banner technical aspects of how to log in to Banner Finance and how to run your Banner Finance web reports.  It will also cover how to find your general fund and self-supporting balances using the Banner Finance reports and how to monitor your indexes and track budget activity.  

Prerequisite:  Banner Finance account

When: Thursday, May 19, 2022 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.


How to register for this training:  Contact Rebecca Emter at or 406.657.1682

How to obtain a Banner Finance account:

  1. Complete the Banner Online Account Request. Review instructions on how to sign up for a new Banner Finance Account. (Note:  It is helpful to include the name of a current or former employee's Banner account to model the access after.)
  2. Register for each of the following mandatory online trainings:
    1. Banner Online Training - Finance
    2. Banner Online Training *Information Security*
  3. Complete Online Banner Training for each module and complete the quizes at the end (see Banner Navigation Training instructions).  (Note:  Your Banner account will not be setup until all required training has been successfully completed.)
  4. Complete the Banner Index Access form to view activity in your departmental indexes.
  5. After you receive email confirmation from the Help Desk that your Banner account is setup, please call the Bozeman Help Desk at 406-994-1777 and let them know you need to set your Oracle password.  (Note:  You will not be able to access Banner Web Reports until this is completed.)
  6. Attend an in-person Budget and Finance 101 training session.

Banner Finance Account and Training Contacts

Rebecca Emter

Ashley Ketch