According to the US Dept of Labor, these are projected to be the FASTEST GROWING jobs in the nation from 2014-2024.  They represent all education levels, from on-the-job training to Ph.D.

Many of the fastest growing occupations are related to healthcare or computers.  This growth reflects increased demand for medicine by an aging population and increased use of computers.


Top 10 Jobs:
Fastest Growth
% Change Education Required
Wind Turbine Service Technicians 108% OJT*
Physical Therapy Assistants & Aides (Combined) 40% AA/AS**
Home Health Aides 38% OJT
Commercial Divers 37% OJT
Occupational Therapy Assistants & Aides (Combined) 37% AA/AS
Nurse Practicioners 35% MA/MS***
Physical Therapists 34% Doctoral / Professional
Statisticians 34% MA/MS
Ambulance Drivers & Attendants (Non-EMT) 33% OJT
Physician Assistants 30% MA/MS

US Dept of Labor, December 2015

* On the Job Training

** Associate's Degree

*** Master's Degree

Jobs in Montana

Check with Montana Dept of Labor for local projections.  In Montana, these jobs are projected to be the FASTEST GROWING from 2014-2024:


Top 10 Jobs:
Fastest Growth
Education Required
Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmers 50% OJT
Veterinary Technologists & Technicians 37% AA/AS
Nurse Practicioners 32% MA/MS
Physical Therapy Assistants 31% AA/AS
Laborers & Helpers (Combined) 31% OJT
Physical Therapists 30% Doctoral / Professional
Market Research Analysists & Marketing Specialists 27% BA/BS
Physician Assistants 27% MA/MS
First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades 26% OJT
EMTs & Paramedics 24% OJT
CareerOneStop, June 2016