students learningStudent learning and student success are MSUB's highest priorities. Faculty and staff evaluate student learning regularly at many levels--including student, course, and program levels. 

Faculty and staff engaging in meaningful, program-level assessment of student learning is critical to ensuring that students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. Program assessment provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to reflect on student learning accomplishments and also help to identify where student learning can be improved. There is always room for improvement!

MSUB has an established process for encouraging effective program-level assessment. Each College identified an annual reporting month for programs to complete an annual assessment report. The report is based on an established assessment plan that outlines the following:

  • Program learning outcomes 
  • Artifacts used to inform achievement of the program learning outcomes
  • The process by which data will be collected and analyzed for each program learning outcome
  • A timeline detailing the planned assessment activities for each year

The report narrates the program's assessment activities for the previous year and includes curricular and pedagogical changes as a result of collecting and analyzing student learning data. These reports are reviewed regularly by a faculty committee that provides peer feedback. This process encourages continuous implementation and improvement of both program assessment and student learning. For more detailed information on this process, or to view the documents associated with this process, visit the MSUB Intranet.