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Advising Appointments

We are happy to work with you in person, over the phone, or by a WebEx video call to discuss your academic plans.  Appointments are available with your advisor by calling (406) 657-2240 or (800) 565-6782 x2240.  Appointments are generally scheduled for 45 minutes. 

If you haven’t met your advisor, are unsure of who your advisor is, or are planning to change majors and need to meet with a different advisor, please contact us and we are happy to assist you. 

Some walk-in times are also available.  They are designed for brief (10-15 minute) sessions.  We have one advisor available on walk-ins at a time, and you are welcome to call the office to ask about the schedule.

As advisors we can assist you with the selection of courses and academic issues, but the ultimate responsibility for meeting graduation requirements belongs to you, the student. 

First Time Students

We are excited you have selected MSU Billings!  All first-time freshmen students are required to see an academic advisor before registering for classes. During the initial advising session, you will receive information regarding Academic Foundations requirements and worksheets, we request that you attend New Student Orientation where you’ll placement test, receive a campus tour, meet with your academic advisor to discuss your educational goals and formulate your course schedule, and take care of several other “new student” details while on campus. 

Orientation Information 

Assessment Testing – Accuplacer Tests

All entering students and transfer students who have not completed their Academic Foundations requirements in English or Mathematics must take the Accuplacer Tests. For further information, contact the Advising Center at (406) 657-2240. 

As part of the Accuplacer Testing, you will visit with an academic advisor to determine appropriate math and English courses in which to begin. In some instances, you can earn credit for classes as a result of the placement score. 

Transfer Students

We hope to make your transfer to MSU Billings as smooth as possible.  As a transfer student, we encourage you to visit with an academic advisor to learn how your credits transfer and begin developing a plan of study. The first step in the transcript evaluation process is to apply for admission.  In that process, you will need to provide copies of transcripts of all previous college level work.  Once your application for admission has been processed and copies of transcripts received, we will be able to evaluate your credits to determine how your previous coursework would apply toward a program here at MSUB. Although we maintain course equivalency guides for all Montana colleges and universities, it is helpful if transfer students can provide catalogs with course descriptions for coursework completed at out-of-state institutions. 

Request for Transmittal of Application Materials Form 

Transfer Guides 

Additional information on MSU Billings transfer credits practices for undergraduate students is available in the undergraduate catalog. 

Additional information on MSU Billings transfer credit practices for graduate students is available in the graduate catalog

Montana University System (MUS) Transfer Made Easy!

Continuing/Returning Students

If you are a current MSU Billings student or are returning after having taken some time off, we require you to meet with your advisor.  We can assist you with planning course registration, reviewing changes in your degree program, and, if changing majors, examining your transcripts.  

Post Baccalaureate/Graduate Students

Montana State University Billings offers various Masters degrees. For current information regarding graduate programs and degrees, visit the Graduate Studies & Research web site. Catalogs are available through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, McMullen 200, 657-2238. 

Academic advising for graduate students is done in the College of the student's graduate program. Initial advising is through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research with subsequent assignment to a permanent faculty advisor. The faculty advisor assists the student with the development of a plan of study and guidance in completing the requirements for the chosen degree program. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, McMullen 200, 406 657-2238. 

Undeclared Major

We understand you have many decisions to make in college, and one of the hardest can be picking a major. If you have not selected a major we register you as General Studies student. In an effort to assist you in completing degree requirements as efficiently as possible, you will be encouraged to focus on Academic Foundations requirements in your first semester or two. You will also be encouraged to visit the Office of Career & Employment Services to explore career interests. 

Academic Calendar

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