Now hiring for the 2021-2022 academic year:

Join our team for a creative, fun, and fulfilling work environment.


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The Retort, now hiring Editor in Chief - 12 hr. weekly paid position, creative, fun and fulfilling work, make connections with the community!The Editor in Chief is responsible for the day to day business of The Retort as well as editing and publishing the content produced for the Hive Podcast.









The Retort now hiring Visual Production Manager: 10 hr weekly paid position, work in marketing and visual media production, creative work environmentThe Visual Production Manager is responsible for all marketing of The Retort publications. They also create visual content for The Retort's social media presence as the in house photographer.









The Retort, now hiring Podcast Host: 10 hr weekly paid position, make connections with the community, creative and fulfilling work!The Podcast Host is the voice of the Hive Podcast. They are responsible for creating and recording relevant content for MSUB students on a weekly basis. Excellent communication skills are essential in this role.