Are pets allowed in the Family Housing?
Pets are not allowed in family housing. Only fish are allowed. Please see information on emotional support and service animals.


What if I can not pay my rent on time?
Family Housing residents who can not pay rent on time will have a $30 late fee assessed.  If this occurs on a regular basis you are subject to eviction.


Are laundry services available?
Washers and dryers are provided in the family housing units.


May I sublease or transfer my family housing apartment?
A family housing tenant may not sublease or transfer their apartment.


How do I terminate my rental/housing agreement when I want to move out?
A family housing tenant must submit in writing a 30 day notice when vacating their apartment.


Can a nursing student live in Family Housing?
Yes, MSU Bozeman nursing students may live in Family Housing. Priority is given to MSU Billings students.


Do I have to be registered as a current student to apply for family housing?
To live in family housing a student must be registered as a full time student before moving in.  A student can apply before they are a student to get on the waiting list.


Do I have a designated parking spot for Family Housing?
All residents parking in the parking lot must display a current MSU Billings parking permit designated reserved for the Family Housing Parking lot.  The cost of the permit can be viewed at MSUB Parking Services Office under Parking Regulations.  Guests of Family Housing residents must obtain a guest permit from the Campus Police Department.


How is the Security at Family Housing?
The goal of the Family Housing community is to strive to create a friendly community, but personal security should be a concern of all residents.  Immediately report any suspicious activity to the Campus Police at 657-2147.   Campus Police does monitor the area frequently.