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Montana 10 is a Montana University System scholarship program at Montana State University Billings and City College. The program offers academic, social, and financial supports designed to help students succeed in college.

Students who become Montana 10 Scholars will be part of a special group of students all across Montana who get one-on-one care they need with financial support, a community that knows them and supports them as individuals, and the specialized academic support that will help them to achieve their education goals and successfully launch their careers. Starting college should be exciting, but let’s admit, it can also be intimidating! MT10 is a free program designed to guide students step-by-step through their college journey. Montana 10 Scholars will receive the academic, social and financial supports needed to not just enroll but GRADUATE with a two-year or four- year degree.

Are You Eligible to become a MT10 Scholar? 

  1. Be a Montana resident
  2. Complete a FAFSA and be Pell-eligible
  3. Be admitted to an MUS institution with a Montana 10 program
  4. Be a first-time undergraduate or transfer student with fewer than 24 credits (not including dual enrollment or AP courses)

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Montana 10 Scholars program!  For those who are interested in joining the Scholars program, please contact our office directly to schedule time to review your eligibility. Those who are eligible (Montana resident, degree seeking, first-time student in college (DUAL courses not included), and FAFSA eligible will receive an invitation to apply. Eligible students will fill out an MDRC Informed Consent Form and the Montana 10 application. 

If you have questions about the program, please contact our MT10 Scholars office for more information. 



Financial Supports

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Textbook Stipends

Monthly Incentives


Purpose & Belonging


Specialized Advising


Freshman Seminar

Career Development

Academic Momentum

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Full-time Schedule

Personalized Tutoring

Math & Writing Support


If you would like to talk to our MT10 Scholars team, please contact us directly!

(406) 657-2287

Frequently Asked Q's

Students' primary advisors are assigned to students via the college they are in. We strongly recommend keeping a relationship with one's primary academic advisor, as they will be the expert on students' specific majors. Scholars' Montana 10 advisors are here to provide scholars individualized support and assist them in everything they need. This can include assistance with a variety of topics, from: paying off a parking ticket on campus to evaluating if they are happy in their major. 

If a student falls short of the Montana 10 Expectations, we ask they be proactive in reaching out to their MT10 advisor to address the issue. Your Montana 10 team is on your side and believes in you. If a student falls behind a 2.0 for a semester, they will be required to be on an MT10 SAP (Success Action Plan). The MT10 advisor will decide the MT10 SAP, and it will be designed specially for each student to help get them back in good academic standing.

Montana was initially funded as part of Montana’s performance-based funding model that grew from the MUS's shared policy goals with the Montana legislature. This program is building the case of the education system’s capacity to organize broad implementation, so that similar integrated supports can be scaled statewide.

The program is named after the 10 benefits given to scholars in the program.

Montana 10 Benefits:

  1. A special Montana 10 advisor who knows you and your goals
  2. A scholarship that is applicable to tuition and mandatory fees for Fall and Spring semesters.
  3. A $250 textbook stipend every semester
  4. A monthly incentive worth $50
  5. Academic coaches specifically for Montana 10 Scholars
  6. A dedicated orientation program for Montana 10 Scholars
  7. A freshman seminar course specifically designed to successfully launch your college career
  8. A full-time schedule (30 credits per year)
  9. Specialized math and writing courses
  10. Career development workshops and activities to prepare you for your chosen career

Currently, there are 5 institutions participating in the Montana 10 program. University of Montana/Missoula College, Montana State University Billings (University & City College), Helena College, UM Western and Montana Tech.

Invitations to apply will begin to go out via email to eligible students starting in January 2023. Please note you must meet eligibility criteria to be a Montana 10 scholar. 

The Montana 10 advisors assist each scholar to build a full-time schedule (15 credits per semester) that works best for each scholar's individual needs and ensures on-time graduation in a two-year or four-year track.