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What is Montana 10?

Montana 10 is an exciting new opportunity for fall 2022 freshman at MSU Billings. Starting college should be exciting, but let’s admit, it can also be intimidating! MT 10 is a free program designed to guide students step-by-step through college. Montana 10 Scholars will receive the academic, social and financial supports needed to not just enroll but graduate with a two or four- year degree. Eligible students will receive financial assistance to cover tuition and mandatory fees from the first semester through graduation. In addition to paying $0 for tuition and mandatory fees, MT 10 Scholars will receive $500 yearly for book and course materials and $50 a month during the academic year for personal college expenses! MT 10 Scholars will be part of a special group of University Campus and City College students who will be guided from enrollment through graduation and the launching of a career by their very own MT 10 Success Coach!

Read on to find out more and if you are eligible!

Apply Online Here!

If you would like to talk to our MT10 Scholars team, please contact us directly!

(406) 657-2287 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know that college is a big commitment. Being a Montana 10 Scholar means that you’ll have a lot more support and resources in helping you achieve your academic and career goals. As a Montana 10 Scholar, you will be more likely to graduate, do so on time and with less debt, and with excellent preparation for your chosen career. This will set you up for professional and personal success throughout life.

To help Montana 10 Scholars reach these academic and career goals, all Scholars receive: 

  1. A dedicated orientation program for Montana 10 Scholars
  2. A special Montana 10 advisor who knows you and your goals
  3. A scholarship covering tuition and mandatory fees that remain after Pell and other scholarships 
  4. A textbook stipend every semester
  5. A monthly incentive worth $50
  6. A freshman seminar course specifically designed to successfully launch your college career
  7. A full-time schedule (30 credits per year)
  8. Tutoring specifically for Montana 10 Scholars
  9. Specialized math and writing courses
  10. Career development workshops and activities to prepare you for your chosen career


The MT10 Scholars program does not cover the costs of residence halls, meal plans, parking permits, and other "non-mandatory" fees. This is a tuition scholarship that is applied after pell, awards, scholarships and other funding sources.

To view the list of mandatory fees at University Campus, please click here.

To view the list of mandatory fees at the City College campus, please click here.

Montana 10 is currently accepting applications for the Fall cohort at MSU Billings. To be eligible for Montana 10, you will need to:

  1. Be a Montana Resident
  2. Complete your FAFSA application and be Pell-Eligible
  3. Be a first-time Freshman admitted to either MSU Billings University or City College campus
    (Apply for Admission Here)
  4. Be a degree seeking student 
    (Associates or Bachelor degree)
  • Attend the MT10 Fall orientation
  • Attend a First Year Seminar course
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Declare your major within your first year
  • Regularly meet with your advisor & MT10 team to stay on track
  • Update your FAFSA application each year

Apply Online Here!

If you would like to talk to our MT10 Scholars team, please contact us directly!

(406) 657-2287