All education majors are required to participate in student teaching, so why not teach abroad? Teaching abroad offers an opportunity to experience another culture and see the world. Student who teach abroad will have the incredible experience of learning first-hand different teaching methologies and perspectives that can be brought into the classroom to impact future students. It’s also opportunity to meet people, share ideas, and forge lasting friendships. And, it’s the jumping-off point for an international adventure of travel, cultural exchange, and personal enrichment unlike any other.

Prospective participants in teaching abroad programs need to work closely with the College of Education and their academic advisor to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate amount of teaching hours. Generally, in order for the experience to qualify as a full student teaching requirement, paricipants need to undergo a full semester teaching abroad. Students who want to participate but do not want the experience to qualify as their student teaching requirements may participate for a shorter duration in the program, if desired, depending on the program.

Students wishing to student teach abroad need to meet the following requirements:

  • GPA:   Cumulative, Professional Core, Teaching Major: 3.0 or higher
  • Course Completion:    All coursework completed except for EDU 406/EDF 515 or EDCI 698
  • Dispositions:   Achieve the “Developing” level or higher on the COE Professional Dispositions Evaluation
  • Junior Field Evaluations:    Achieve “Sufficient” or higher on all evaluations.
  • Advisor Recommendation