Pioneer Park sough of the MSUB University campus

More (and better) jobs

It's easy to find a great part-time job in Billings, thanks to a booming economy and the number of businesses. And it's a lot easier being a student when you have a good-paying job that can cover the bills--with a little left over for frills.

Less expensive housing

If you choose to live on campus, you'll pay considerably less for room and board than at other universities. And if you prefer to have your own place, you'll find lower rents and a wider range of choices. Either way, you save.

Fewer hassles getting around town

Despite being Montana's largest city, Billings doesn't suffer the traffic hassles of many college towns. You can usually get anywhere you want to go within minutes. It's a refreshing difference.

More connections

Billings Logan International Airport is the largest airport in Montana, with eight airlines and direct flights to major cities like Seattle, Denver, Minneapolis and Salt Lake City--when there isn't time for a road trip.