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Interactive Campus Maps of University and City College

(click on number for 360 degree photos and info)

360 Degree Photos - University


Student Union Building

Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center Classroom

Academic Support Center Classroom 2

Academic Support Center Lobby

Academic Support Center Lobby 2

Campus Store SUB First Floor 1

Campus Store SUB First Floor 2

Petro Theatre

Rimrock Cafe

Rimrock Cafe 2

Stingers Bistro SUB

Stingers Bistro Lobby

Student Health Services

Student Union Atrium First Floor

Student Union Upper Galleria

Yellowjacket Emergency Pantry SUB

Petro Hall

Petro Hall Lobby

Petro Hall Floor Balcony

Petro Residence Hall Room

Petro Hall Kitchen

Petro Hall Classroom

Petro Hall Bath/Shower

Petro Hall Bath/Shower Lobby

Petro Hall Laundry Room

Rimrock Hall

Rimrock Hall Lobby

Rimrock Hall Classroom

Rimrock Hall Lounge

Rimrock Hall Room

Rimrock Hall Kitchen

Rimrock Hall Laundry Room

Rimrock Hall Bath/Shower Lobby

College of Health Professions & Science

Science Classroom - COE

Science Hall Birds

Science Hall Classroom

Science Hall Outside

Science Lab - COE

Peaks to Plains Park

Peaks To Plains Park 1

Peaks to Plains Park 2

Apsaruke Hall

Apsaruke Exterior

Apsaruke Classroom

Apsaruke Lobby

Apsaruke Lobby 2

Nursing - MSU

Alterowitz Gym

Alterowitz Gym Exterior

Alterowitz Gym Interior

Alterowitz Gym Lobby

PE Building 1

PE Building 2

College Of Business

College of Business 1

College of Business 2

College of Business 3

College of Business Student Lounge

College of Business Exterior

Focus Group Room

Montana Business Hall of Fame

Office of International Studies

Office of International Studies 2

Office of International Studies Lobby

Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Sky Bridge

McMullen Hall

Business Services

Business Services Cashier


McMullen Hall Lobby First Floor

McMullen Hall Second Floor

McMullen Lawn

McMullen Outside

Cisel Hall (Music)

Cisel Hall First Floor

Cisel Hall Exterior

Cisel Hall Instrument Room

Cisel Field

Practice Room - Piano

Practice Room - Drums

Cisel Recital Hall

Cisel Veterans Lounge

College of Education

College of Education Art Classroom

College of Education First Floor

College of Education Classroom 1

College of Education Classroom 2

College of Education Classroom 3

College of Education Teil Room

Computer LAB

Disability Support Services

DSS Exterior

DSS Testing Room

Lecture Hall

Military & Veterans Success Center

Montana Center for Inclusive Education

Reading Clinic

Reading Clinic Exterior

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Liberal Arts Building Classroom 1

Liberal Arts Building Classroom 2

Liberal Arts Building Dining Area

Northcutt Steele Art Gallery


IT/Computer Lab

Library Building Lobby First Floor

Library First Floor 1

Library First Floor 2

Library Second Floor 1

Library Second Floor 2

Library Third Floor 1

Library Third Floor 2

Library Third Floor 3

Native American Achievement Center

Native American Achievement Center Exterior

Native American Achievement Center Back

Native American Achievement Center Interior

Native American Achievement Center Interior 2

360 Degree Photos - City College


Tech Building

Auto Body Shop 1

Auto Body Shop 2

Auto Repair Shop 1

Auto Repair Shop 2

Computer Networking Lab 1

Computer Networking Lab 2

Construction Lab

Diesel Shop 1

Diesel Shop 2

Diesel Shop 3

Electrical Shop 1

Electric Shop 2

Jacket Student Central

Library 1

Library 2

Native American Achievement Center

Process Plant Classroom

Process Plant Tech Lab

Process Plant Tech Lab 2

Tech Building Classroom 2

Tech Building Main Commons

Tech Building Common area 2

Tech Building/Academic Support Center

Tech Building Lounge

Health Science Building

Chemistry Lab

Fire Science Lab/Classroom

Health Science Building Exterior

Health Science Commons

Health Science Commons 2

Health Science Conference Room

Health Science General Class

Health Science General Class 2

Nursing Lab

Nursing Lab 2

Paramedic Lab

Radiologic Tech Lab 1

Radiologic Tech Lab 2

Exterior Photos & Descriptions


Apsaruke Hall

Art Annex

Cisel Hall

City College

College of Education

Liberal Arts Building


McDonald Hall

McMullen Hall

Native American Achievement  Center

Parking Garage

Peaks to Plains Park

Petro Hall

Physcial Education Building

Rimrock Hall

Science Building

Student Family Housing

Student Union Building


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