The undergraduate non-degree admissions status is for those not wishing to pursue a degree at Montana State University Billings, including those seeking personal growth or taking a few classes to transfer to another institution. Changing from non-degree status to a degree granting may be requested at the Office of Admissions at (406) 657-2888.

How is Non-Degree Seeking Different?

▪  Financial aid including waivers is not available to non-degree seeking students

▪  Non-degree admission status does not constitute acceptance into a degree program

▪  A maximum of 32 non-degree seeking semester hours may be applied to a MSUB degree program

▪  Applicants are required to have a high school degree, GED, or HiSet score for admission

▪  ACT or SAT scores are not necessary for admission

▪  Students may be required to have the necessary prerequisite education for enrolled courses