student org council


The purpose of the Student Organization Council is to provide an avenue for student organizations to share ideas, problems, events, and opportunities with one another, and to provide development opportunities to organizations and their members.


The Student Organization Council meets or conducts a workshop once per month. Student organizations  meet once every-other month for an hour round-table and discussion of ideas, events, problems, and opportunities (general meetings). On the off-months, organizations have the chance to attend a workshop, led by a speaker or panel of speakers from campus on a topic of importance to all student organizations.


2019-2020 Year Schedule

            October: General Meeting                                                      (10-17-19)

            November: Workshop 1: Marketing/Promotions               (11-07-19)

            January: General Meeting                                                      (01-23-20)

            February: Workshop 2: Fundraising                                     (02-27-20)

            March: General Meeting                                                         (03-19-20)

            April: Workshop 3: Effective Org Transitions                       (04-16-20)

(All events would be at 3:30pm-4:30pm in Banquet A&B, the room in the back of Rimrock Cafe)




Further Information

Please contact the Center for Engagement with more questions or inquiries: | 406-657-2387