No Audio

Check that your privacy settings or Preferences allows apps to access your microphone. In Windows 10, this is under Settings->Privacy->Microphone. On Mac, it's under System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy.

In any case, you can use the Call me or I will call in options to get audio connected quickly.

Audio Echo

If you're getting a persistent echo, a meeting participant's speaker volume may be too high, or the microphone may be to close to their speakers. If possible, non-speaking participants should remain muted. As a host, you can do this for them by clicking the microphone icon next to their name. You may also switch to a headset or lower the speaker volume of the device you're using.

No Camera Detected or Available

Check that your privacy settings or Preferences allows apps to access your camera. In Windows 10, this is under Settings->Privacy->Camera. Other open apps that use the camera may need to be shutdown for it to be available in a meeting.

Recording Playback problems / WRF files

When playing back WRF files, elements may be missing due to missing the correct player. You can get the WRF player here. You may need to right-click the recording file and choose "Open With.." to select the right player.

To avoid having to use special software, use the record in cloud option, or set your meeting to record automatically in the Advanced options while scheduling your meeting. Find details on automatic recording here.

Low Bandwidth Warning

If you are hosting or joining a meeting from a slower or less reliable connection, here are some guidelines:

  • Use the Call me option for audio if a phone is available
  • If the meeting doesn't require sending video, turn off your video feed
  • Temporarily stop apps that stream or sync, like Youtube or box cloud storage