In almost every situation, you will want to schedule your meeting instead of clicking on the Start a Meeting button. The Start a Meeting button takes you to what is referred to as your “personal room”, which serves as a quick, temporary meeting space. Using the schedule function can save you and your attendees a lot of confusion down the road!
Start a Meeting button crossed out with the Schedule button circled

  1. Start by logging into Webex at Scheduling will need to be done from a desktop or laptop computer, as this function is not available on mobile devices yet.

  2. Click on Schedule.
    Schedule button

  3. Edit your meeting topic, date, and time.
    Meeting topic, date and time fields

  4. You do not need to change the meeting password, as users will join your meeting via link.

  5. If you are scheduling a series of meetings, you can use the recurrence feature.
    Recurrence option

  6. You can invite participants by email if you choose, or by sending them the link to the scheduled meeting. We personally recommend posting the meeting link on D2L under announcements or content (or preferably both) when applicable.
    Meeting link on My Meetings page

  7. It is recommended that you invite yourself to the meeting so you have the invitation to forward to others.
    Email invitation field

  8. For other advanced options, like automatic recording, click on Show advanced options at the bottom.
    Show advanced options drop-down menu

    advanced options with automatic recording checked

  9. Once you have everything set, click on Start or Schedule (you may see either option, depending on when your meeting is scheduled). You can also Save as template to save your preferences for future meetings.
    Start button and Schedule button

  10. You will be directed to the meeting page, where you can start the meeting, share the link, and add additional attendees.

  11. From the home page, you can navigate back to the meeting page by checking your Upcoming Meetings notifications or clicking on the Meetings option on the right.
    Upcoming meetings notifications at bottom of home page and Meetings option on the left