Setup and Overview for Faculty

Using Webex through D2L will allow you to schedule class-related webex meetings directly from the course in D2L. Students can join the meeting directly from the link on content without having to leave the course or log in separately. You can also use it to specify virtual office hours for students to reserve one-on-one time with you.

  1. Get started by entering your course in D2L and going to ContentContent on navbar

  2. Select a module that will contain the link for studentsContent with module selected

  3. Go to Existing Activities > External Learning Tools
    Existing Activities buttonExternal learning tools

  4. Choose Webex from the list
    Webex in External Learning Tools

  5. Click the new link you created for Webex
    webex link in Content

  6. Go to the third tab, Setup
    setup tab

  7. Choose the Features you want to use in the course and Apply. Most will only need Virtual Meetings, which will allow you to schedule standard Webex meetings that only your class will see. You do not need to manually invite any participants in your course, they will see the meetings from the link in Content. Classroom Collaboration will create a persistent space for the class that will allow participants to share messages, files, and media directly in the course. Office hours will allow students to reserve time with you based on time segments you have specified.
    classroom collaboration, virtual meetings, and office hours

  8. Scroll down to Select your time zone and hit Save
    select time zone and apply
  9. Scroll down and click Authorize to complete the one-time setup. When prompted to allow the app to operate using your account, choose Accept. When you return to the Setup screen, the option will now be greyed out and say “Authorized”. You only need to complete the authorization once for use in any course in D2L.
    Authorize button


Meeting Recordings

Posting recordings of your Webex Meetings in D2L gives students the opportunity to watch live class sessions that they may have missed or would like to see again.

  1. Log into Webex at

  2. Go to Recordings on the left side menu (third option down).

  3. Click the name of the recording you want to put in D2L.
    Select recording

  4. To the right of the recording title, click Download (first icon to the right) and save the file to your device.

    Note: There is also an option to Share recordings via email or link (second icon to the right).  We recommend the download option so you can track student progress, however if you choose this route, follow steps 5-8 above for link sharing.

  5. In your D2L course, go to Content.

  6. Click Upload/Create and choose Upload Files.
    Upload/Create - Content