1. Students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing should provide documentation of disability and resultant need of interpreter services at least four weeks prior to registration for the upcoming semester in order to give DSS time to facilitate interpreting by the first day of class.

  2. In the event that an interpreter is not available, Disability Support Services (DSS) will tape and transcribe the lectures.

  3. Scheduling and registration must be completed as early as possible in consultation with Disability Support Services.  Please make an appointment at least four weeks before the beginning of the semester to meet with the Lead Interpreter in order to discuss your schedule.

  4. The Lead Interpreter assigns an interpreter according to students’ class schedules. If a student misses three classes without notifying the DSS office prior to the beginning of class, interpreter services will be discontinued until the situation is reviewed in a meeting which includes the student, the Lead Interpreter, and the Director of DSS.  At that time, the student will need to complete an interpreter request form for all future classes

  5. If you are aware that you will miss a class, please give DSS at least 24 hours notice.  If you will be late for a class, please notify DSS if possible.  If the interpreter is unaware that you will be late, he or she will wait in the class for fifteen minutes before leaving.  If a sudden family emergency occurs or if you wake up ill and are unable to attend class, please call DSS immediately.  The University provides the interpreter at no cost to you, so it is important that you are considerate in letting DSS know when you won’t need an interpreter.  Call 657-2283 (TTY/VP) on the West campus and 246-3029(TTY/VP) on the East campus.  If no one answers the phone, please use Relay and leave a message.

  6. An Interpreter request form for out-of-class, resident life activities or tutoring sessions, field trips or other class-related off-campus activities must be submitted at least 48 hours before the event.  An Interpreter will be provided if one is available.  For tutoring sessions, please contact the Lead Interpreter before scheduling to find available interpreter hours. Interpreter request forms are available in the DSS Office and online.

  7. Transportation to and from campuses is the responsibility of the student.  DSS staff will not provide transportation under any circumstance due to liability issues. 

  8. When presentations are being made, a copy of the speech and/or paper is to be given to the interpreter at least 24 hours in advance in order to prepare for voicing your presentations.