To request accommodations for online classes, please contact the DSS office before the class begins. Intake interviews can be conducted by telephone.  Appropriate documentation of disability will be reviewed by the Director or Coordinator. Accommodations will be determined based upon the interview and the documentation. 

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What College Students with Disabilities Need to Know

Requesting accommodations

Alternative textbooks:

The following directions for requesting alternative text apply to the online studenst; however, if the textbooks need to be returned to the student by mail, it may take longer than 48 hours.  Therefore, it is critical for students to communicate with the DSS office well ahead of the beginning of the semester in order to ensure timely delivery of textbooks.

Students who are eligible for alternative text, as determined by the Director or Coordinator, should follow these procedures:

  1. In order to receive your materials in a timely manner, you should request your textbooks at least three weeks in advance of when you will need them.  You need a separate request form for each of your books.  You may copy the request form that is available in the DSS office or request extra copies.  It is also available online on the DSS website under "Forms." 

  2. DSS will contact the publisher to see if the book is available in electronic format.  If it is, we will get the book and convert it to an MP3 unless you prefer E-text, which works well with JAWS, Zoomtext, and Kurzweil.  In order to comply with copyright laws, we will need a copy of your sales slip.  

  3. If the book is not available from the publisher, DSS will need your copy of the book to create the alternative text.  The campus print shop will chop the binding off the book.  The pages are scanned, edited and turned into an MP3 file.  The print shop will rebind the book with plastic coiled rings, and we can generally get it back to you within 48 hours.   

  4. If the book is already available from our library, we will give you a copy of it as soon as we have made a copy of your receipt.

  5. Provide a copy of the syllabi to DSS so that edited materials can be provided in the order in which they are needed. 

Alternative testing:

Students registered with DSS and approved for test accommodations may use the online accommodation request form to arrange test accommodations for each of their classes. Read the instructions carefully and answer all required questions.  

Trudy Carey, DSS Director

 * It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor and the online coordinator at the beginning of the semester in order to ensure that these accommodation arrangements are made in well in advance of the first test.