• Disability Support Services (DSS) encourages you to arrange for your own notetakers. When you do, bring us a schedule highlighting the classes for which you receive notes and give us the names of the notetakers in those classes.

  • A folder for each class labeled with the subject and course number (i.e. HIST 205) will be available to store your notes.  Your notetaker may bring the notes to DSS to be duplicated and put in your folder. Check your folder at least twice a week to pick up notes.

  • Discuss with your notetaker how you would like to receive a copy of the notes. Both NCR (no carbon required) paper and a copy machine are available for you to use free of charge for class notes.

  • Copies of notes and NCR paper are only available for students registered with DSS who qualify for notetaking services.

  • If you want DSS to help you with the notetaking process, it is recommended that you bring a class schedule with the classes highlighted for which you would like a notetaker. The request should be made at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester.  A notetaker request letter will be printed for each class that you highlighted, and it will be put in your notetaker folder(s).  You should pick up the letter(s) before the first day of class and ask the professor(s) to read the letter during class. (The letter is designed to be confidential.)

  • You must attend class to receive notes. Notify DSS immediately if you have an emergency or if you withdraw from class.

  • If you have any problems with the notetaking process, please notify DSS as soon as possible. If you are not receiving notes, let us know so we can work with you to find a solution.

  • The notetakers are volunteers.  They don't receive any compensation for taking notes, and they should be treated with courtesy and respect. Cultivate a good relationship by telling your notetaker thank you!

Notetakers agree to the following terms:

  1. Disability-related information is considered confidential. At no time will I discuss disability-related information about students who have qualified for services from Disability Support Services (DSS) with anyone except DSS staff, unless the student has given me permission.

  2. If I am going to be absent from class, I will notify the qualified student ahead of time. If there is an emergency, I will call DSS at 657-2283 (V/TTY) or 247-3209 (City College).