an athletic training student works with an athlete
All new, transfer, and re-admitted students are encouraged to visit the Advising Center in McMullen Hall, room 100, to meet with an academic advisor. New students will receive information regarding General Education requirements and Plan of Study worksheets related to their major and minor programs. Transfer and re-admitted students will work with an advisor to complete a transcript evaluation and to develop a Plan of Study. Students majoring in bachelors degree programs in the College of Health Professions and Science will be advised through the Advising Center until their sophomore year. At that time, students will be assigned a faculty member for advising. Although advisors are available to assist students in designing their Plan of Study, students are ultimately responsible for meeting degree requirements.

Clinical and Field-Based Experiences

The College of Health Professions and Science provides a number of supervised clinical and field-based experiences designed to prepare students for work in the allied health professions.  The major aim of these experiences is to allow students to apply principles and theories from the professional knowledge base in the supervised environments.