3rd Party Vendor Responsibilities

  • Authorization(s) for Payment Mailed, Faxed or E-mailed to Business Office
    NO Verbal Authorizations will be accepted
  • Student Name(s)
  • Student ID Number
    Social Security Number or Banner ID Number
  • Amount of Authorization for Tuition and Fees
    No Specified Amounts are Considered Unlimited Tuition and Fees
  • Amount of Authorization for Books and Supplies
    No Specified Amounts are Considered Unlimited Books and Supplies
  • Amount of Authorization for Room and Board
    No Specified Amounts are Considered Room and Board
  • Dates of Coverage
  • Either By Semester or Actual Dates

Student Responsibilities

  • Contact the Business Office to Accept Fees
    This MUST be done by the 2nd day of the Semester to Avoid Late Fees and Classes Being Dropped
  • Charge Books and Supplies at Campus Store
  • Know Maximum Amounts Allowed to Charge 3rd Party Vendor
  • Know Cut-off Dates for Charging 3rd Party Vendor
    Fall and Spring Semesters - 15th Class Day
    Summer Semester - Around June 20th
    New Accounts Can Be Opened After July 1st If There Is Still Money Left From the Original Authorization or with Approval of 3rd Party Vendor
  • Student Will Be Responsible for ANY Charges Billed NOT Covered by 3rd Party Vendor

MSU Billings Responsibilities

  • Input Authorizations into Banner
  • Notify Financial Aid of Authorized Amount
  • Notify Campus Store of Authorized Amount
  • Accept Charges for Students that have contacted the office
  • Apply Campus Store Charges to the Accounts
  • Balance 3rd Party Vendor Accounts with Student Accounts
  • Mail Out Billing Notices to 3rd Party Vendors
  • Apply Payments to Appropriate Accounts as Received

Questions? Email businessoffice@msubillings.edu