Erin Cozzens

Erin Cozzens, 21

Elementary Education

Fairview, Montana


“My drive is to be a bright light during a dark time, to make someone’s day better, Erin Cozzens. [...]


Conner Meron, 17

High School Connections

Walnut Creek, California


“A lot of our classmates don’t really understand what it takes to be successful at this level,” Conner Meron. [...]


Katie Meron, 16

High School Connections

Walnut Creek, California


“I like the fact these courses are getting me ready now,” Katie Meron [...]

Terri Haacke at the Jackets and Company campus store

Terri Haacke 
Cashier, Jackets & Company, MSUB

Billings, Montana


“I have a great rapport with so many people and enjoy seeing them nearly every day. I’m going to really miss that,” Terri Haacke. [...]

Lisa Kemmerer

Lisa Kemmerer

Professor of philosophy and religion, MSUB

Conway, Washington


“Study should be relevant outside the classroom," Lisa Kemmerer.  [...]

Dana Lubieniecki

Dana Ludieniedcki, 21

Health and Human Performance

Denver, Colorado 


“Billings is such a tight-knit community … when you help support people and then you see them at your games, that’s cool.”  [...]

Velma Pease posing in her classroom

Velma Pease, 51

Master of Elementary Education, reading emphasis, MSUB 

Crow Agency, Montana


“I really enjoy reading and want to share that passion,” Pease said.   [...]

Jessica on the MSUB university campus

Jessica Kannegiesser, 32

Business Management/Marketing, MSUB

Billings, Montana


“I kept hearing radio ads for MSUB and one day I just drove here,” Kannegiesser said.  [...]

Stormy Siemion

Stormy Siemion

Physical Education, MSUB

Huntley, Montana


“I’m ending my career knowing I’m a great volleyball player. We’ve had some important wins and I’m finishing things feeling good,” Stormy Siemion.  [...]

AJ Wiggin

AJ Wiggin

Diesel Technology, City College

Charlo, Montana


I really enjoy the atmosphere on both campuses and seeing the different majors and the people that are drawn to them,” Wiggin said [...]


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