Financial Services & Payroll

Banner Finance Account & Training

To obtain a Banner Finance Account, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Banner Navigation training by opening a web browser (preferably Internet Explorer) and browse to  Log in with your NetID and password.  Click Banner 8 Training and connect when a window pops up.
  2. Complete the Banner Online Account Request. Click HERE for instructions.  (Note:  It is helpful to include the name of a current or former employee's Banner account to model the access after.)
  3. Complete the Banner Index Access form.
  4. Attend a Banner Finance training session.
Banner Finance training


Banner Finance training is provided by the Financial Services Office.  If you are a new user, a training session is required before Finance access is granted.  Training sessions are held regularly and details on date/time/location are sent to the Banner Finance listserv and new users.


Banner Finance Account and Training Contacts

Rebecca Emter
Financial Manager


Juli Madden