Student printing is available in most computer labs on campus where swipe card readers will deduct money from your University Card (UCard) to pay for printing. Before you can print, you'll need to register your card with the system following the instructions below. Also, see below on how you can print to lab printers from your personal devices.

UCard Registration

To register your UCard with the printing system:

1) Swipe your UCard at the printer. 

 2) Click “Yes” to associate your card with your account.

Papercut step 1

3) Enter your NETID (example: a12b345) in the Username box and the Password you use to log into the computers/D2L in the Password box. Click “Log In”.

Papercut step 2

 4) Click “OK”

 Papercut step 3

Your UCard is now associated with your account. The next time you print you will only need to swipe your card.


Printing Costs

The following are the costs of printing.

  Color Black & White
Single Sided $.15/Page $.06/Page
Double Sided $.125/Page $.050/Page


Student Printer Locations

University Campus

  • Academic Support Center
  • College of Education 319
  • College of Education 417
  • College of Education 421
  • Library Information Commons
  • Library 2nd Floor
  • McDonald Hall 213
  • McDonald Hall 251
  • McDonald Hall 308

City College

  • Health Science Commons
  • Tech Building Commons


Wireless/Mobile Printing

The print system allows you to print from your personal devices (computer/smart phones). Below are the instructions on how to connect to and print to the printers.


iPhones/iPads PaperCut PrintAnywhere Installation

To enable printing from an iPhone or iPad: 

1) From within any document or file on your iPhone/iPad, swipe up to show the context menu and tap the Print icon or tap the share icon (it's the square with the arrow pointing up) in the middle of the screen and then select the printer icon. 

Click the share icon            


 2) On the Printer Options screen, tab Select Printer.

 Click Select Printer


3) Select the appropriate printer.

Select the appropriate printer

  • printanywhere-student (Student use)
  • printanywhere (Faculty/Staff use) 

4) After selecting the printer, the next window will prompt you for username and password. 

    • Username = NetID
    • Password = NetID Password


Android PaperCut PrintAnywhere Installation

To enable printing from an Android device: 

1) Open the Google Chrome browser and search for “mobility print”. 


2) Click the install button under Mobility Print. Once finished, click Open. 

Click the Install button                


3) Click the Android Settings button and then Mobility Print.

 Click the Android Settings button 


4) Tap on the OFF icon to turn on Mobility Print and then tap on OK to allow the pass through.

 Tap on the Off icon



5) Mobility Print is now turned on and the available mobile printers will be displayed.

The printer is ready

  • PrintAnywhere-Student (Student use)
  • PrintAnywhere (Faculty/Staff use)                        


6) To print from your device.

A) Open web browser.

B) Tap on the browser menu icon   and then tap on Share…

 How to print


7) Tap on Print and then select the PrintAnywhere or PrintAnywhere-Student printer.


8) Enter your username and password.

 Enter your username and password

  • Username = MSUB NetID
  • Password = MSUB email/D2L/Campus computer login password. 


Chromebook PaperCut PrintAnywhere Installation

To install the PrintAnywhere printer on a Chromebook:

1) Open the Google Chrome browser and search for “mobility print chrome app” 


2) Click on Add to Chrome to install the application.

 Add Mobility Print to Chrome


3) Click on Add app to confirm.

Add Mobility Print


4) Click the Launch app.

Click Launch App 


5)  Once this is complete, follow instructions on how to print from your device.

Follow the instructions on how to print 

  • Username = NetID
  • Password = NetID Password


Retrieving a Printed Document

To retrieve a document after it’s been sent to a PaperCut printer, log in with your NetID and password (the same username/password when logging into a campus computer or D2L). This will print page(s).

 Log in with your NetID and Password.