One time Setup (Instructors)

In one of your courses in D2L go to Content. Choose Existing Activities > External Learning Tools. Select Panopto Video from the list. Click the newly created link to connect your D2L to Panopto. This only needs to be done once from any of your courses to establish the connection. If available, it's recommended to use a Development shell for this purpose.

Launching from Insert Stuff

From anywhere that has the D2L Editor, go to Insert Stuff and choose Panopto from the list.

insert stuff button in the d2l html editor

To record a new video, go to the Record section on the right.

panopto in D2L record tab highlighted

To record directly in your browser, choose Launch Capture. If you have pop-ups blocked by default, you will need to allow them for Allow the page to access your camera and microphone if prompted. Once recording is finished and it has completely processed, switch back to the D2L browser tab to see a preview of your video. Click Insert. On the following screen, choose Insert again.

insert button in panopto frameinsert button in Insert Stuff frame

To record in a separate desktop application, choose Download to first install the app. Once loaded, you can choose Launch App from then on to open Panopto and start recording. Your video will show on the open D2L tab when recording is finished and it is done processing. For more information on using the desktop app, check out the Panopto support page here.

Graded Quizzes in Panopto

You'll find the steps for adding an assessed quiz in the Panopto knowledge article here.