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This Agreement is between Montana State University Billings (the University) and the user (User) of the student web server at (Web).


The Web pages stored on the University's Student Web Server are accessible to Internet users around the world and are subject to all local, state, federal, and international law, as well as University policy. It is necessary to distinguish between the official University Web pages, which represent the University, and the student Web pages which may contain individual opinion and other content not related to the University.

The University Student Web Server is made available through the use of public funds which are provided for educational purposes. For those and other reasons, it is important that the obligations of both the User and the University be clearly understood. Therefore, the University and the User, whose signature appears below, agree to the following:

Terms and Conditions

  1. The University shall provide student Web services to User pursuant to the policies and procedures of the University and the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  2. User understands that the University's computer resources, including the Student Web Server and campus network, are publicly funded and are provided to User as a privilege, not a right.
  3. All contents of the student Web pages of User shall be the sole responsibility of User. The University does not sponsor, review or monitor the informational contents of the personal home pages of its students on World Wide Web sites using University facilities, nor does the University endorse the contents of any such personal home pages.
  4. The Student Web Server shall act only as a repository for student personal and/or course-related Web pages. No other use is permitted. In particular:
  1. The Student Web Server is to be used for publishing web page and related graphics files, not as a storage space for executable files such as applications. Unauthorized executable files on the student web server will be removed. Appropriate exceptions will be made for students in doing computer programming coursework.
  2. If University resources are used for the benefit of third parties or for-profit activities, MSU Billings reserves the right to remove any page from its server at any time without prior notice to the provider. Appropriate exceptions will be made for students building model web sites for businesses as part of their coursework, and the Web Coordinator can assist students in moving their projects to different servers if necessary when the semester is completed.
  1. The content of User's web pages shall adhere to the MSU Billings Computer Use Policy. User's signature on the Student Request for E-mail/Web Account form verifies that the User has read and agreed to the terms and conditions of that policy.
  2. The content of Web pages are public, and User agrees that by posting the pages he or she makes them available to the public.
  3. User's name and E-mail address shall be displayed his/her main Web page.
  4. The University may limit the amount of space that is provided on the server. The current limit is 5 MB (megabytes) of space per user. This limit is subject to change at any time, and all current and future users will be notified of such a changes.
  5. The use of scripts and scripting languages that interact with the web server and/or its operating system, using such technologies as CGI and ASP, is prohibited unless authorized by the Web Coordinator.
  6. User's Web pages shall be removed from the server no later than one semester after User leaves the University. The Web Coordinator will make a reasonable effort to contact users before their sites are deleted; however, students should back up their own sites if they wish to keep them after leaving the University.
  7. User's Web pages shall only reside on the University's student Web server. All access (if any) from official University Web pages to student Web pages must occur through a common page that is provided by the University.
  8. Any violation by User of the terms and conditions of this Agreement may result in the imposition of sanctions, including those stated under section 8 of the University Computer Use Policies and Procedures and/or revocation of the privilege granted by the University in this Agreement.


Individual page authors assume all liability and responsibility for information on their personal pages. Please contact them directly if you have questions or comments.

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