Navigation diagram

My profile and settings

Edit your profile picture, display name, availability status, etc.

My profile and settings screen


Conversation spaces for individuals and groups within your team

Spaces screen




Organized groups of people

Teams screen

Spaces are within teams.  For example, all members of the eLearning department are in the eLearning team.  Within that team, we have separate conversation spaces for various purposes.

Space/Team example




This feature does not yet have the capability to dial phone numbers, but can be used to start a Webex Teams Call, which is similar to a Webex Meeting.  Just enter an email address for whomever you wish to conference with.

Calls screen




Log of your Webex Teams Calls

Meetings screen

Note: The "Meetings" screen only shows Webex Teams Calls, NOT Webex Meetings, although they are similar tools.  Your Webex Meetings can be viewed at

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging features diagram

Contact a person or create a space

Select "Contact a Person" if you wish to start a conversation with an individual.  Search for people by their name or email.

Select "Create a Space" if you wish to start a group conversation.

Contact a person or create a space button


Space Information
Space information options

From top to bottom:

  • Edit space settings (i.e. name and image)
  • Notifications
  • Add apps
  • View space policy
  • Add space to a team
  • Moderate space
  • Meeting capabilities
  • Leave space

Add to favorites

Click   to add a space to your favorites.

Click   to remove a space from your favorites.

To view your favorite spaces, click   to filter your spaces and content, and then select Favorites.

Filter your spaces by favorites


Screen Share

Select the screen or application that you wish to share.  You can also choose to Share computer audio and Optimize for video.

Select the screen or application to share



For more information on making video calls, see Calling.


Activity Menu

From left to right:

  • Message

  • Whiteboard
    New whiteboard

    Whiteboard features
  • Schedule
    Create and schedule a meeting using Microsoft Outlook
    Schedule a meeting

  • People
    View list of moderators and participants in the space

  • Files
    View all shared files in the space

  • My threads
    View all threads you are a part of in the space

  • Links
    View all shared links in the space


Connect to Webex Board

Make sure you're close to a Webex device, and disconnect any Bluetooth headsets.  For more information on connecting to a Webex Board, see Webex BoardConnecting to a Webex Board.


Message options
Message options

From left to right:

  • Attachment
  • Screen capture
  • Format text
  • Emojis and symbols
  • GIFs
  • @Mentions
  • My Personal Room Invite


  1. To start a call from a space on the desktop app, click on the green Meet button in the upper-right corner.
    Meet button on desktop app

    On the mobile app, click on the square dots button, and then the green Meet button.
    Meet button on mobile app

  2. To call somebody directly, click on the Call button and then search for them using their email address.
    Call button

  3. From here, calling through Webex Teams functions the same as Webex Meetings.  For more information on these features, visit our Webex Meetings guide.