The Webex Board is an all-in-one device for team collaboration. With the Webex Board, you can wirelessly present, whiteboard, view files, and place video or audio calls. Using the Webex Teams app, you can connect to your team and the Webex Board from outside the physical room through the devices of your choice.

Webex Board Locations

Webex Board in LI 312

Library 312 (University Campus)

Seating capacity: 8

Reservation Information

Webex Board in Rimrock Hall Lounge

Rimrock Hall Lounge - Interactive Classwork (University Campus)

Seating capacity: 28

Contact Housing and Residence Life to reserve this room.


Connecting to a Webex Board

  1. Before connecting to the Webex Board, you will need to have the Teams app installed on your device. 

  2. Your device should automatically connect to the board, which you can verify by checking your connections in the lower-left corner of the Teams app.
    Automatic connection

  3. If your device does not connect automatically, check your connection settings by clicking on My profile and settings, then Devices.
    My profile and settingsDevices

    Make sure that Use Ultrasound and Auto Connect are turned on.
    Device connection settings

    You can also check the connection settings for individual boards by clicking on the device name in the lower-left corner of the Teams app.  Automatically connect should be turned on.
    Device connection settings

  4. You can manually connect to the board by clicking on Device Available in the lower-left corner, and then clicking Connect.
    Device Available


    On the desktop app, you can also search for a board by clicking Connect to a device in the lower-left corner, and then Search for a device.
    Connect to a device

    Search for a device

  5. You can also connect to the board via HDMI cable.  The HDMI port is located underneath the middle of the board (directly below the Home button).


Opening a Space

To save content from a Webex Board, the board needs to first be added to a Webex Teams space.

  1. Once you have connected your device to the Webex Board, click on Open a Space.
    Open a Space

  2. Search for or click on the space that you wish to open.
    Select a space

    You can also create a new space specifically for use with the Webex Board by clicking on the add button.
    Create new space

Screen Sharing

  1. Once you have connected your device to the Webex Board, click on Share Screen.
    Share Screen

  2. Select Webex Teams, turn your microphone on or off, and Start Broadcast.
    Screen share settings

    From here, everything on your screen (including notifications) will be shared and projected onto the board.

  3. When you are ready to stop sharing your screen, click on the red Screen Broadcasting button in the top-right corner, then Stop.
    Stop screen broadcasting


Call Options

When making a Webex Teams Call on the Webex Board, a few new options are added.  Review more general information on Video Calls.


Move Call

When hosting a Teams Call on the Webex Board, you can switch between the board and your device by clicking on the Move Call option.
Move call

Continue your meeting on this device


End Call

When ending the call, you have a choice to end the call on a) your device only or b) your device and the Webex Board.
End call