1. To start, login to Webex from the website, the desktop app, or the mobile device app. You can host your meeting from any of these sources, but you must be logged in!

  2. Click on either the link or the Start Meeting button from your list of meetings. This can be found on your homepage under Upcoming Meetings or by clicking on the Meetings option on the left. Make certain that you are only clicking Start a Meeting for your scheduled meeting, NOT your personal room. As a reminder, personal rooms serve as a quick, temporary meeting space and can result in confusion if some attendees are in the personal meeting room while others are in the scheduled meeting. These are two separate meeting spaces!
    Upcoming meetings notifications at bottom of home page and Meetings option on the left

  3. Remember to connect to audio using either the computer or call option.
    Drop-down menu for audio source

    You may have to allow browser access to your microphone.
    Microphone blocked pop-up with Always allow option selected

  4. For all participants, it is recommended that they mute themselves when not addressing the group. This can be done by toggling the microphone button.
    Microphone button

  5. If there is excessive echo, consider lowering your computer or phone volume or using a headset.

  6. Make sure that you only enter your meeting once. Double-clicking on the link can result in accidentally joining a meeting twice, first as a host and then as an attendee (the latter does not have the same permissions).

    If this happens, leave the meeting as an attendee, but do not end the meeting as a host.
    Leave button


  1. The phone button is used to connect to audio. Once you have audio enabled, this will switch to a microphone button which is used to mute yourself.
    Phone button
    Down arrow
    Microphone button

  2. The camera button is used to turn your video on/off. If you turn your video off, you will still be able to see others – they just won’t see you.
    Camera button

  3. The Share Content button can be used to share your screen or specific content.
    Share Content button

  4. The Recorder button is only visible to the host and can be used to record the meeting.
    Recorder button

    You can also set your recording to start automatically when scheduling your meeting under “Advanced Options”.

    Recordings can be found on the website under the “Recordings” tab where they can be downloaded, shared, edited, or deleted.
    Recordings option on Webex website

  5. The Participant button allows the host to mute/unmute all participants as well as chat with, mute/unmute, and change roles for individual participants.
    Participant button

  6. Chat with All allows you to chat with the entire group. This function is not available on the mobile app at this time.
    Chat with All button

  7. More options has options for polling (which is only available on the desktop app) as well as advanced settings for audio and video.
    More options button

  8. Use the Leave (red X) button to leave the meeting as an attendee or end the meeting as a host.
    Leave button