The Ceramics Program

Ceramics at MSU Billings provides an area of study for Art majors as well as servicing general education courses. Our ceramics courses simultaneously develop technical, formal and conceptual skills for emerging artists. We offer a natural progression of courses, beginning with skill and technical based assignments, while progressing towards more independent and conceptual projects at the advanced level. At all levels, students conduct critiques and develop their formal language as they learn to look carefully and discuss one another’s work. Advanced students have the opportunity to develop their own glazes, as well as help design and build kilns. Various firing processes available in the Ceramics lab include: reduction stoneware, raku, soda, woodfire, saggar, and oxidation.


Montana has a thriving ceramics community which provides additional resources through the Red Lodge Clay Center, the Archie Bray foundation and The Clay Studio of Missoula. Billings hosts a number of working potters and ceramic sculptors that offer apprenticeship and mentoring.



  • Twenty-one state-of-the-art electric wheels, a wheelchair accessible wheel, and traditional kick wheels.
  • Indoor kiln room with three Skutt electric kilns and a gas updraft kiln.
  • Outdoor kiln pad with large raku kiln, and Soda kiln with mobile wood kiln and small raku kiln.
  • Clay making area with state-of-the-art large and small Soldner mixers, and Venco pugmill.
  • Slip casting and mold making area.
  • Two slab rollers, extruders.
  • Glazing area, general hand building area, wheel throwing area, and advanced student area.


 ARTZ 131 Ceramics for Non-Majors

ARTZ 231 Ceramics 1

ARTZ 331 Ceramics 2

ARTZ 430 Advanced Research in Ceramics


Student Activities

 The ASMSUB ‘Et Vasa Ordinem' (EVO), also known as Potters' Guild, is an active student organization that holds a pottery sale in the Spring semester to promote a professional standard in their work. Proceeds go to a scholarship fund, a guest ceramics artist or a lecturer. In addition, EVO members have attended conferences of the National Council on Education of Ceramic Arts, and workshops at the Red Lodge Clay Center and Archie Bray foundation.


Student Art Work Leaf Vase
Student Art Work Ice Cream Cone
Male student working on a project
Antler Art Work
student posing in front of her art work
Female student posing in the gallery with her art work
Two female art students
Two student with their art work