Future Students

Degree & Program Definitions


An academic program of study in a specific field intended for occupational training, upgrading or retraining, generally requiring 30 credits or less. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.


Associate Degree

A degree which generally requires two years to complete. MSU Billings offers Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees as well as the Associate of Applied Science degree.


Bachelor’s Degree

A first-level degree granted upon completion of a course of study in a given field and based on at least four years of college work, or the equivalent thereof.

Master’s Degree

An advanced degree awarded by a university after completion of studies beyond a bachelor's degree.



A program of study in preparation for entry into a professional degree program at another institution or another division of the University. For example, a Pre-Physical Therapy student might receive a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance prior to continuing their education in Physical Therapy.