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Part VIII. Liquor Consumption on Montana State University Billings Campus

A. Board of Regents Policy

Montana State University Billings understands that the service of alcoholic beverages in a controlled and responsible manner is consistent with the laws and practices of society. Board of Regents Policy (503.1) states:

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on property belonging to the Montana University System is prohibited except as expressly permitted.
  2. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed by students and their guests in individual residence hall rooms or in individual family student housing units, provided such consumption is in compliance with state law.
  3. Unless otherwise authorized by the Chancellor, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed in the halls, lounge areas, utility rooms, other public areas of residence halls, or in any other campus locations.
  4. Authorizations by the Chancellor for consumption of alcoholic beverages in locations other than individual residence hall rooms or individual family student housing units shall conform to the following conditions:
    1. consumption shall be in connection with a substantive event, such as a banquet, official entertainment, reception;
    2. food and non-alcoholic beverages shall also be available;
    3. the event shall be monitored to prevent consumption by a person not of legal age.
  5. Each unit may establish additional regulations, not in conflict with this policy, controlling the consumption of alcoholic beverages.


“Alcoholic beverage” means any beverage which is subject to the “Montana Alcoholic Beverages Code.”

Property belonging to the Montana University System means any property which is owned, leased or otherwise controlled by any unit of the Montana University System.

B. Montana State University Billings Liquor Consumption Policy and Guidelines

According to the Board of Regents’ policy, Montana State University Billings will allow the serving of alcoholic beverages on campus provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The Chancellor or his designee must approve all requests for the serving of alcoholic beverages on or off campus. All requests must be presented at least twenty (20) days prior to the event. Note: The “Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages On/Off Campus” form must be completed and proper signatures obtained before final approval from the Chancellor or his designee. Forms are available at the Student Union & Activities Office, SUB 219, or the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, McMullen 201.
  2. All functions using alcoholic beverages and sponsored by student groups or organizations must channel their requests to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs who will in turn send them to the Chancellor with a recommendation.
  3. All functions where alcoholic beverages are approved by the Chancellor must be coordinated with the Montana State University Billings Dining Service General Manager. The Dining Service General Manager will either make the arrangements with the caterer or secure the beverages.
  4. A licensed or state approved vendor must be used wherever a charge is involved. The vendor must then be responsible to prevent serving minors or control excessive consumption by an individual.
  5. In the absence of a vendor, the sponsoring group or organization shall assume the responsibility for preventing consumption by minors or excessive consumption by an individual.
  6. The alcoholic beverages served under this policy shall be limited to beer, wine, and punch. Groups or organizations that are requesting permits to serve alcoholic beverages must meet the following qualifications:
    1. The events must be substantive (i.e., Foundation events, receptions of various types, large dinners, etc.).
    2. Limited time - normally three (3) hours or less, with exceptions for special events.
    3. All occasions where alcoholic beverages will be served must be accompanied by food and non-alcoholic beverages.
    4. Registered student organizations may not serve alcohol at any event, on or off campus, unless prior approval has been obtained from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The organization’s advisor must be present for the duration of the event.
    5. Locations must be approved by the appropriate building manager (i.e., Liberal Arts Building, Dean of Arts and Sciences). Building manager information can be obtained from the Student Union and Activities Office, SUB 219 (657-2387).
    6. All efforts must be made to insure that the event be held in a private area.
    7. Violations of any University regulation and local, state or federal laws, ordinances or regulations shall justify discontinuance of the event and denial of all future requests

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