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Part VII.  Posting of Advertisements, Printed Material, and Solicitation

A. General Policy

No commercial solicitations or advertisements, and no commercial sales, displays, or distributions of publications on the campus are permissible except as provided for below.

B. Posting of Advertisements, Printed Material, and Publicity

1. General Provisions

    • All guests, students, faculty and staff must adhere to all provisions and regulations provided under Freedom of Expression policies, which include regulations related to posting materials in campus buildings and grounds. (Part. VI, G.), and other regulations under this section.
    • All printed materials requested to be posted in building or designated posting areas must state the name of the sponsoring student organization or department. Non-University organizations must state that they are such. Sponsor’s name must be prominently displayed. All information placed on interior bulletin boards must be approved before posting. The Student Union & Activities Office maintains a current listing of posting locations and approval sites. Within the Student Union, easels, permanent sign holders, LED displays, display cases and boards are available for use upon request on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • All printed material placed on motor vehicles is prohibited unless the vehicle owner has granted prior permission.
    • City code and state statutes prohibit notices on any curb, tree, mailbox, utility pole or public building.
    • Materials will not be approved if they encourage the use of alcohol.
    • Materials will not be approved if they promote or advertise an off-campus business. Exemptions are made for some entertainment or education-related community activities, and for services specifically designed for the students of the University. This will be allowed at the discretion of the building manager.
    • Placement of printed materials such as tabloids, informational directories or guides, and magazines in common areas will be permitted at the discretion of each building manager. A list of building managers is available in the Office of the Provost and Academic Vice Chancellor.

2. Student Union (Room 219, 657-2387)

Printed materials to be posted in the Student Union must be approved and date stamped in advance by the Student Union & Activities Office. After approval and stamping, the materials will be posted by Student Union staff in the designated posting areas.

3. Academic Buildings

Permission for distribution or display of non-academic printed materials must be approved by the appropriate building manager. A list of approved spaces or buildings to post is available in the Student Union & Activities Office.

4. Residence Halls

Permission for distribution and posting of printed materials regarding events or activities that are not sponsored by the University or for commercial advertisements must be approved by the Housing and Residential Life Office.

C. Fund Raising and Solicitation (both on and off campus)

  1. The Student Union & Activities Office must approve fund raising events or solicitations on behalf of charity by students or student organizations.
  2. Any student, student organization, or campus department wishing to hold a raffle must first request permission from the Student Union & Activities Office. If permission is granted, the organization must contact the County Commissioner’s Office at the Yellowstone Court House to obtain a raffle permit and instructions for holding a raffle when appropriate.
  3. In order to protect the privacy of the student residence, no solicitation may be conducted in the living area units of University students on University property, unless approved by the Housing and Residential Life Office.
  4. Requests for all solicitation shall be made at least ten (10) University working days in advance of the activity on forms provided by the Student Union & Activities Office. Appeals to the decision may be made in writing to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  5. Fund raising and solicitation by registered student organizations off-campus must be approved by the MSU Billings Foundation.

D. Student Union

  1. Montana State University Billings Jackets and Company has exclusive franchise to conduct all mercantile activity on campus. Only mercantile activity associated with a recognized and registered student organization or institutional administrative unit will be permitted in the Student Union. Permission must first be granted by the Student Union & Activities Office.
  2. Reservations for vending space are coordinated by the Student Union & Activities Office (SUB 219). Vending space will only be approved for student organizations or University departments for unit related activities.
  3. Displays in the Student Union must have prior approval by the Student Union & Activities Office. Only displays sponsored by a recognized student organization or University department will be approved.

E. Violations of all campus grounds and building-use regulations are subject to the misconduct penalties and procedures outlined in Part IX of the Student Policies and Procedures Handbook, the Code of Student Conduct.

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